DSC03810 mail┬áTalking about food and workout it’s important to think first about your Goals !! if you want to lose weight please watch your calories and if you want to build Big muscles please watch your carbs … #Sugarisbad4you #look4goodcarbs check the article below !!

Carbohydrates are your energy and your source to recuperation.

they are your primary source of energy or fuel at 1,600 calories per pound. Carbohydrates yield 4 calories per gram. Carbs come in two forms: Simple and Complex. Simple for quick energy like fruit and juice and complex carbs are used for timed-released and sustained energy. Starch, cereals or vegetables are good sources of complex carbs and are your ideal source. Complex carbs make you feel satisfied or full after a meal.

Refined sugar (A simple carbohydrate) should be avoided for four reasons. One, it decreases or slows down the body’s ability to burn fat because it interferes with fat metabolism and may contribute to fat gain. Two, it decreases the body’s energy level needed for prolonged intensity activity. Three, it increases hypertension, contributing to high blood pressure. Four, it creates an energy roller coaster ride because of rapid changes in Blood Glucose (energy) levels.

Carbohydrate Timing

For Muscle gain your post-workout meal is the most important meal of the day. Simple (fruit) carbs first must be consumed 30 minutes after your workout, followed by complex (starch) carbs 1 to 2 hours after. this aids in recuperation, which is a very important aspect for getting fitter and building bigger muscles quickly.

Simple carbs acts as an electrolyte to replace body fluids that were lost during a hard intense workout because they are loaded with natural sugars and potassium. it’s your “window of opportunity” making up at least 50% of your results that are initiated for effecting body composition change, which takes place “outside the gym”

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