All Progress take place outside the comfort zone

What really works is actually the extra push. Never the first rep, either the last one. What really works is the 3 extra reps after you’re done pus the intensity and determination you apply to the whole workout routine.

Most likely and beyond of achieving great muscles, what you want to achieve is a fit type of body composition that looks great. and yes those abs. “the obsession of every male in the world. “the six-pack”.

What if I tell you that “those abs are achievable for everybody is different. I mean some people is genetically gifted with them and other people have to develop those abs. I think the most important is to be lean. Then the kind of abs destiny wants you to have will show up regardless.

You are what you eat, but at the same time you are the result of the effort you put into the gym. I mean the right effort. are you putting the right effort into your process ? or you want to play hard lift like a beast and impress everybody ? I recommend you to go cool with the lifting and focus on cardio. “The push”So, after your lifting thing routine. immediately jump in the elliptical machine. “set up a time to run”.

(What about the time of seven songs).

So, each song last 3:00 minutes approx and during the majority part of each song you run normal but during 30 seconds of each song; at the end or the middle of the song you push and run with all you have then speed down and you rest 40 seconds between the end and beginning of each song. what if next song you try to push 40 seconds, then 50 then 60 then 70 then 80.. you set your limits and Promise you. that push will transform your routine. The extra push will elevate your metabolism and the normal fat burner process will go heaven. your confidence will increase and your mind will adapt into a more competitive one.

Diet is so important. but hold on a second. we are humans and I really don’t believe there is a single person in the world able to avoid temptations like a cake, glass of wine, a good dinner with friends. all of that is normal you don’t have to be that hard to yourself. however remember than body fat is gonna be stored in your body because of your age, so if you are getting older; please pay attention to your eating. testosterone/estrogen levels will decrease with time and the fat burner natural machine of your body will work differently “less every year”. So, Watch out what you eat. That’s all for now kids !