Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right

I took the time to write down this “work-out routine” It will change the way you look in less than 7 weeks.. Are you gonna do it ? “its up to you”

Let’s start with the king of all exercises (#Pull-ups) 7 series of 11 reps each. Start slow and increase the speed as you feel confident 

Push ups 

After finishing pull ups. Focus immediately on push ups 7 series of 17 reps each. Start slow + increase speed when you feel confident 

Sit ups, sit twist, flutter kicks 4 sets of 35 reps each Start slow and increase speed when you feel comfortable and confident 
The most important is actually put in your mind the goal of increasing speed + number of reps with the time.

That means! in Actually two months you must have to increase by 7 reps or more each exercise. With time you’ll be adapted to the routine so please increase reps and speed + moves. 

NOW “the secret of everything” 

Get an elliptical So, After finishing all of the 4 previous exercises Jump on the machine – Choose your 7 favorite songs.

Start running at level 1, “increase 1 level per each song”

At the end of 7 songs if you didn’t cheat; you’ll be at level 7 –

Rest 1 minute after each song –

The secret:

Normally a song last between 3 to 4 minutes Ok.

Run like a turtle during the major part of every song

But listen: 45 seconds before the song ends #BOOM

Push yourself to the limit, run as if your mama wants to spank your ass run at your maximum capacity. Do it till the song ends and do the same at the end of every song during the 7 songs. “45 seconds push”

I promise you “I just gave you for fucking free the best workout tip of your life ! Now the responsibility is on you “Push yourself and move your ass.

Finally let’s talk eating ! #Diet . Actually diet is the 80% of the secret

3 weeks following this plan

Promise yourself this is what you are gonna eat every day during the next 3 weeks of your life. (zero complains) (do it)

Breakfast 8:30 am 

Granola (2 cups) no milk Drink orange juice with it 

Lunch 11:30 am 
Protein shake (no regular milk) Your favorite flavor Add 2 bananas

Add coconut milk Add L-carnitine Add peanut butter to it (3 tablespoons)

You are free to choose the size of the protein shake you want (small) (medium) (large) It’s up to you “it’s your ass no mine, you decide how fit you want to be “Be responsible”

Dinner 7:30 PM 
Eat your favorite food A moderated portion change the food every day You can eat  salad, pasta, Protein, fish, chicken, Meat 🥩, cheese 


 wine, etc. Whatever you want to eat 

And change what you eat every day. “Eat a moderate portions” 
“During the day drink lots of water” And again


during your routine increase speed Reps, sets every day Challenge “You can do it ! to win or ti lose It’s up to you ! 


If you eat that cake, you’ll get fat, if you please society and you eat because everyone else is eating “it’s your choice, your belly fat, your responsibility


I Believe in the power of selfies.
Be real to yourself track your progress, share your progress, move forward !