To lose those pounds, we just need to cut our portion sizes. The following seven foods are healthy, easy and fun for your body and Soul … remember to lose weight you have to eat healthy and at the right time, but we are humans so I am going to try to make this article real because at Friday night or after work or before go to an important meeting you are no going to eat Figs or beans for snack … so #MAKEITREAL #WORKOUTHARD and Enjoy #SNACKTIME

1. Apples

Apples contain a secret-weapon when it comes to slowing digestion and creating that full feeling for longer—it’s called pectin. I really love Apples

2. Eggs

The nine essential amino acids contained within a single egg. Boiled eggs are great snack and also great for salads, breakfast pre-post workout

3. Oats

Oats stall mid-morning snack attacks because they absorb liquid like a sponge. The secret of slow digesting oats is that they take much longer to work their way through the digestive system, so you’re satisfied for much longer I recommend you (strawberry, or peaches and Crème Oatmeal)

4. Oranges

its amazing and so refreshing to eat oranges before/after workout and during the day as a healthy good source of protein, I really love oranges after workout just to avoid reward myself too much.. that’s a mistake … don’t do that 🙂

5. Greek Yogurt

“The single best food for shedding pounds.” Greek yogurt is really so healthy and satisfy hungry tummies for longer, and Greek Yogurt with Granola is something that you will enjoy so much after or before workout, actually I recommend you a Greek Yogurt with Granola at 4:30 PM just two hours before the recommended time to have dinner … “Remember” try to eat less and never eat carbs after 8:30 PM. Keep in mind that Greek yogurt contains double the protein, no whey, and a sliver of the sugar compared to any other type of yogurt.

6. Wheat Berries

A serving of wheat berries contains roughly 6-grams of protein and 6-grams of fiber, that’s amazing for your body and your brain … yes wheat Berries I know that looks like a so boring food but C’mon you want to lose some pounds and stay healthy so .. do it

7. Reward yourself with a glass of wine

The Benefit: Promotes Longevity, reduces Heart-Attack Risk, lowers Risk of Heart Disease, reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes, so go ahead and enjoy a glass of wine with a healthy dinner every night it’s something good for your body and spirit #ILOVEWINE