THE BEST PICTURE OF 2015 esta es e mail After a hard workout your muscles are torn down and you may have even entered catabolism. The only way to stop this is by feeding your muscles with the nutrients that they need. Carbs are stored as glycogen 125% more efficiently directly after working out than any other time during the day. Also, protein synthesis is highly elevated. So take advantage of this time and feed your muscles (after workout #TIP)

Drink water. Your body is made up of about 80% water. When you workout you are losing a lot of this water, not only in the form of sweat, but also internally by working tissues. Water is used in the formation of and burning of ATP and also used to help keep your internal temperature down. Many do not realize the importance of re-hydrating after working out. But it’s crucial

#Drinkwater + #Eat fruits

This is great, but make sure you are eating fruits that are higher in glucose then fructose. Fructose raises blood sugar levels very slowly, and doesn’t replenish glycogen stores well. In fact, fructose will only replenish liver glycogen. Try to eat fruits on the higher end of the glycemic index such as banana’s and grapes to ensure a high glucose to fructose body assimilation

I know you prefer to have that six pack and probably you don’t want to get that big muscles .. so, after workout you are going to feel the need to eat. So guess what !!  you are not hungry, in fact you are thirsty so.. drink water, eat fruit and always remember before start working out to eat some carbs to provide that energy you need the time you are working out

If you reward yourself too much you will get fat, sometimes people thinks .. OMG after a hard workout I deserve that piece of cake and that’s the moment when you are getting fat and throwing to the trash all the effort U did working out so hard at the gym…  so please be smart.                              #Drinkwater + #Eatfruits

Remember 30 minutes Before start working out drink a so good whey protein shake and eat a granola Bar !!!



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