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Dark chocolate is packed with literally dozens of nutrients and powerful antioxidants, dark chocolate help keep your ticker in tip-top shape. Research shows that as part of a balanced, low-fat eating plan, a regular dose of cocoa powder can raise good HDL cholesterol and lower total blood cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of clogged arteries that choke off the blood supply to your heart.

Chocolate also helps reduce inflammation in blood vessels, keeping them pliable and capable of fully dilating for optimum blood flow to your heart and other working muscles. so eat a piece of dark chocolate 86% natural cocoa and no sugar added will help you to improve results at the gym and will help you in many ways to stay healthy and strong !!!
Eating healthy meals and snacks for abs and finding ways to cut out the processed foods that you have grown to love is a lot easier than you think!  Check out these 10 quick abs diet tips, and you will be on your way to six pack abs in no time!
  1. Stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables. Skip the grocery store, and shop at local farmers markets for the best quality and price.  Buy what is in season for maximum taste and freshness.  Dark leafy green veggies are a great pick because they are rich in iron.  Loading up on lots of fruits and veggies at all of your snacks and meals will help reduce your craving for traditional carbs like rice, pasta, and bread.
  2. Replace your candy bar with a protein bar. Instead of eating a chocolate bar full of empty calories, opt for a protein bar with natural ingredients and low sugar.  There are several tasty varieties available today, and some are covered in dark chocolate to satisfy your  midday chocolate cravings.
  3. Use plain yogurt instead of flavored yogurt. Low fat yogurt is a great protein source, but flavored yogurt often has a lot of additives and sweeteners.  Some flavored yogurt contains as much corn syrup or sugar as a candy bar, and some may use artificial sweeteners.  Opt for low fat or fat free plain yogurt.  Add fresh berries, reduced sugar fruit preserves, or drizzle on some honey to sweeten it yourself.  To maximize your protein intake, choose triple-strained Greek-style yogurt.
  4. Choose healthier frozen treats. In hot weather, a cold treat goes a long way to satisfy your appetite.  Substitute frozen yogurt for ice cream and frozen fruit bars for popsicles. Ice cream and popsicles are tempting, but they will do nothing for your six pack.  Frozen yogurt with a low sugar content and frozen fruit bars with low or no sugar are the best picks for summer treats.  Save going out for ice cream for a special occasion, and you will see your six pack abs soon!  Bonus Tip: Never add sprinkles to ice cream. It’s like spooning extra sugar on top of your ice cream.  Sprinkles do not add any flavor, but they do add 70 calories per tablespoon!
  5. Eat crunchy veggies instead of chips. Crunchy veggies are great six pack snack in low fat dips like hummus and salsa.  The extra crunch will satisfy your craving for chips.  You can also slice zuchinni or sweet potatoes extra thin, lightly drizzle with olive oil and spices, and bake on high heat for an all-natural, crispy snack.  If you must eat potato chips or tortila chips, use only the baked varieties – never fried!
  6. Avoid sweetened drinks… including diet soda. This one is obvious, but it is difficult if you are a diet soda addict.  If you find yourself drinking a lot of sweetened drinks, begin replacing 1 serving a day until you are able to kick the habit.  Good choices are water, unsweetened tea, or unsweetened coffee.  Sparkling water with a splash of lemon or lime is a great substitute if you are a soda drinker.  Over time, you will begin to enjoy the flavor of unsweetened drinks.  Bonus Tip:  The chemicals used in artificial sweeteners are enough reason to stop drinking diet soda.  Also, the sweet flavor can trick your brain into overeating by sending the message that you need more calories.  Kick your diet soda habit ASAP to achieve your six pack abs goal!
  7. Reduce your sodium intake. Eating foods with too much sodium leads to water retention in your body.  If you are bloated, you will not be able to see those six pack abs!  Snacking on unsalted nuts instead of salted and limiting the amount of processed food you eat are important steps to achieving this.  Be especially careful about sodium content in things like frozen meals and canned soup.
  8. Drink water, and take vitamins.  Drink water every time you are thirsty.  2 liters a day is recommended
  9. Eat whole, natural foods that are rich in nutrients.  Whole grain snacks and whole wheat bread are much better for you than white bread.  Brown rice is better than white rice.  Egg yolks are more rich in nutrients than egg whites.  Eating whole foods will keep you feeling full longer and will give you a natural source of vitamins and minerals.
  10. Never let yourself go hungry.  Eat at least 5 meals and snacks throughout the day.  This could mean eating every 2 to 3 hours during the day.  Getting your body into this pattern will kick your metabolism into high gear.  Eating at least 2 hours before going to bed will keep your body burning fat while you sleep.