You don’t need to have an unfinished basement or dedicate all day to workout to reach your weight loss goals, actually you need 1 hour and 40 minutes.

To lose weight it’s all about having an intelligent workout and an intelligent diet. Actually you don’t need to do more than 30 minutes of moderate weight lifting, the key is to convert all your routine in a cardio routine, so set up your goals to finish your weight lifting in 30 minutes and for the weight lifting please do not use more than 30 lbs. (each hand) (no more) the key or the secret is to workout as fast as you can in 30 to 45 minutes and by doing it you will transform your weight lifting routine in a cardio routine and after finish that part enjoy your time at zumba class or running, jumping, walking 1 hour on a little stepper, elliptical, trampoline, walking machine etc.. (1 hour yes one hour) doing whatever cardio you want to do.

Do not push yourself to the limit for the (cardio) part of the routine, please work on a moderate level, not too hard, not too slow and always comfortable for you from the beginning to the end.

Do not try to win the tour of France, do not try to win a race against Usain Bolt and do not try to be stronger than Hercules.

Follow the intelligent workout, push yourself to the limit the first 40 to 55 minutes of weight lifting program, and after enjoy the time on your cardio machine for at least one hour. After that you will be tired, so drink water and rest at least 10 minutes after take a cold shower. Celebrate because you did a good energy control on the second part of your (cardio) routine, you will be ok and not that hungry after workout, so you will be not desperate to eat and by doing it you will control what you eat, what you drink and your resting time. In the end the result is the stability of the program you have and please set up your goal to lose 1 pound per week.

Yes a pound per week, no more and not less, you can lose until 5 or 6 pounds per week but because the big effort, your body and metabolism will fight that and you will recover the 5 pounds you lost and maybe more. (Listen) You can’t lose the 30 pounds you won in 3 years just in 4 weeks, I mean you can, but your body will fight it and you will recover 35 pounds at the end of your amazing challenge.

Please be smart also for the weight lifting, if you are trying to lose weight you don’t need weight lifting (leg day, chest day, arms day) etc.

YOU NEED CARDIO, go take a group fitness class or jump on a bike or elliptical machine for 1 hour or more (moderated level please) and if you want to do a weight lifting routine please try  to transform this in a cardio weight lifting routine of 30 minutes or 45 minutes.

Use the cardio to continue burning that fat but go at your own level (enjoy your cardio) (do not kill yourself).

I want you to check  what experts recommend (I am not in agreement, check below why)

Experts talking : The effects of a tough workout may last a lot longer than the time you’re in the gym. Thanks to excess postexercise oxygen consumption (EPOC)—also known as the “afterburn effect”—your body may continue to torch calories for up to 36 hours after you stop exercising.

But you don’t reap these benefits from just any exercise. To get the true afterburn effect, fitness pros stress that you have to work out for 15 minutes at greater than 70% of your VO2 max, which stands for maximal oxygen uptake and refers to the amount of oxygen your body is capable of utilizing in 1 minute. This roughly equates to keeping your heart rate at around 140 beats per minute in that time frame. “The more intense the workout, the more oxygen your body will consume afterward and the more calories you’ll burn in return.

Now it’s my turn:

Yes all that is right but at the end of the routine you will be so tired, you will eat more because you will be hungry and at the end of your 30 days challenge to lose weight you will be so fat, so tired and depressed.

Please do not listen to the experts, and make it easy, workout and push yourself to the limit the first 45 minutes of a non-heavy weight lifting routine and use the second part of the routine (cardio) to continue burning that fat, and to recover energy before to take a refreshing shower.

Finally before I let you go:

Please set up realistic goals .. do not try to lose 30 pounds in 3 weeks, your metabolism will fight and will recover that, go at your own level and do it step by step by setting the goal to lose 1 pound every week and by doing it you will adapt your body to a good diet, (portion control)

What to eat ?

Breakfast oatmeal and  fruit / orange juice

before workout 30 grams of protein (granola bar)

after workout drink water

Lunch: a good salad full of beautiful vegetables, cheese and a glass of orange juice

snack Protein milkshake

Dinner: Protein, fish, chicken, boiled eggs,  (choose the protein you want to eat)

before go to sleep … drink coffee, juice, water, or whatever you want to drink