One of the biggest myths about getting ripped abs is that you have to do a million crunches or buy some silly gadget off of an infomercial to get any results. The truth is you can do a lot of crunches but you will never see those abs if they are covered up by 3 inches of fat. You have to burn that fat off     if you are ever going to see the ab muscles.

I have found that when it comes to burning fat low carb is the way to go. To put it in a nutshell when the body does not get enough energy from carbohydrates it will start burn fat to use instead.

Low carb is a very effective way to burn fat. Carbs should not be eliminated completely though, when you do eat carbs they should be good carbs such as green vegetables, whole grain breads,  and brown rice to name a few. These are slower digesting and can be used more effectively by the body.

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. The best to burn that fat is the cardio, there is no need to do other kind of exercise when you want to burn fat or to lose weight, just do cardio and at the end you can play 10 minutes doing other things to relax before take the shower

I don’t want spend all day trying to guide you to the heaven with one or two tips, in fact like in real life to win you have to be good, work hard but also you have to cheat, yes you read that correctly, I said cheat. You need to cheat from time to time. Two reasons for cheating are 1) to keep yourself sane and 2) to keep your body on it’s toes.

Let’s face it if you are eating the same healthy diet every day you are going to get bored and perhaps give in and say “it’s not worth it”. This is why you need to cheat from time to time, I would say once or twice a week. Get in a quick cheat get it out of your system and get back on track after.

Perhaps even more important than getting it out of your system is the fact that a cheat meal will throw your body a curve ball. Your body gets used to eating healthy and low carb and will start to adapt and start to slow your metabolism. This is why you need to cheat every few days just to throw your body a curve ball so that is cant adjust and will keep the metabolism high.

you see is like the real life.. dream, work hard, dream big, cheat from time to time = you win …. follow all the F$uck rules of life and you will be always close but never right there !!! so dream big, go big and take Risks …. Love you all