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Good news: we have recovered the control over enjoy your fitness tips, News and updates about Diego Valdez and his project but because of the problems we had with hackers and in order to make this site a safe site for you to visit, we can’t allow you to post comments on Diego’s Blogs anymore, the blog is reaching more than 100k views every month. A lot of positive comments but also a lot of comments with malware links.

Because of that we had to remove all the comments from all the articles and comments are not open to the public anymore, if you want express your feelings about the blog, the artist, pictures or articles please try to reach him via his social media profiles. We understand your passion, the love and hate we love and respect Diego Valdez lovers and haters but we can’t allow more comments because for the safety of the site.

Enjoy Diego Valdez fitness tips, new pictures, articles, projects, artwork

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