I think we can all agree that a habit is anything you do regularly, but according to the definition we use in psychology, a habit also needs to be done automatically—as in, without really thinking about it. Which is why identifying habits by yourself is so hard.

How can you think about the stuff that you don’t have to think about?

Which is probably why we missed this habit. And it’s exactly why this habit is SO important for fat loss.

You see, all habits need a trigger—a little reminder that says, “Hey, you should do this action now.” They also need a reward—a little reminder that what you just did was a good thing. But these are really hard to identify by yourself because they happen below our level of consciousness. It’s really hard to remember new triggers, and it’s hard to remember to reward yourself. Habits are hard.

Working out has to be a good habit, but it’s something that you can’t do all days at the same time, because there are different circumstances during the day and in real life things are coming up every moment, so.. it’s really difficult to pretend that you will hit the gym at the same time every day and you will workout hard for the exactly same time, and with the same intensity.

That’s impossible because every day is full of different physical and emotional feelings so … My really good advice for you is please set up your goals, plan a fitness routine for every month, start healthy good habits and try to beat yourself every day, the motivation is to improve your numbers every day

Eat healthy trying to reach less than 3.000 calories a day, next day try to reach less than 2500 calories and by doing it try to go the hill down until get the minimum of 1.100 calories a day and when you get there, you will see and enjoy results.

For the workout routine please try to set up a routine of 45 minutes of intense workout in the gym doing whatever you like to do and a minimum of 45 minute cardio every day. Your motivation will be finish your intense workout gym routine in less time every day, please never change the cardio minimum of 45 minutes because cardio is the help to stay or get fit. But in the gym you can play around and challenge yourself to the limit.

Have fun working out

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